User Experience Designer

Meriel Karen

Hello! My name is Meriel and I am a UX designer based in the Seattle area. I’m obsessed with how we interact with the things in our daily life and as an advocate of holistic user experiences, I lead with empathy and curiosity.

UX Process • Agile/Scrum

UX Intake and Tracking

As a team of two designers and one researcher supporting an organization with 75 unique products, we continuously work to improve UX prioritization and tracking.

User Experience • Usability Testing

Organization Reporting

Without a product manager to define requirements I led design workshops with the engineering team to identify what was needed for this feature redesign.

Personas • Journey Map

ORR User Research

A self driven initiative to define personas and create a visual representation of the end-to-end journey for operational readiness reviews (ORR).

User Research • Personas • Branding

Confident Quotes Website

Branching out from education marketing, this product launch focused on user research to build the foundation of the new website.

Mobile Design • Interaction Design

All Star Wizard RFI

This successful legacy redesign of a primarily desktop experience focused on mobile optimization and brought confidence in the team’s ability to deliver results.