User Experience Designer

Meriel Karen

Hello! My name is Meriel and I am a UX designer based in the Seattle area. I’m curious about how we interact with the world around us and how this is shaped by evolution in technology and social norms. My experience spans from marketing to tech and this is some of the work I’ve done.

Cross Team Collaboration • UX Process

India Compliance

Shifting priorities to help my team gain alignment from the various external stakeholders while also helping them navigate our formal UX review processes for the first time.

UX Process • Agile/Scrum

UX Intake and Tracking

As a team of two designers and one researcher supporting an organization with 75 unique products, we continuously work to improve UX prioritization and tracking.

User Experience • Usability Testing

Organization Reporting

Without a product manager to define requirements I led design workshops with the engineering team to identify what was needed for this feature redesign.

Personas • Journey Map

ORR User Research

A self driven initiative to define personas and create a visual representation of the end-to-end journey for operational readiness reviews (ORR).

User Research • Personas • Branding

Confident Quotes Website

Branching out from education marketing, this product launch focused on user research to build the foundation of the new website.

Mobile Design • Interaction Design

All Star Wizard RFI

This successful legacy redesign of a primarily desktop experience focused on mobile optimization and brought confidence in the team’s ability to deliver results.